In Lithuania we represent smartest battery/ energy storage manufacturers in the world


UAB “Linea Ignis” in Lithuania represents two of the smartest battery/accumulator manufacturers in the world – the international companies “Pixii” and “LG Energy Solutions”. The company also provides professional consulting services related to renewable energy and can help companies solve the challenges posed by decarbonization. The team consists of experienced international energy experts with a global view of the world. We are guided by the well-known motto of the Apple company – “Think Different”.


Išmanusis energijos kaupimas baterijos kaupikliai

shaping the energy force of the future. “Pixi develops, manufactures and markets smart energy storage solutions that contribute to clean, cost-effective and reliable electricity – for each of us.

How does it work?

Explore how PowerShaper, Pixii’s standard modular system, can be modified to meet individual requirements from 10kW to 1MW.


A complete and integrated energy storage system, ready to connect to the grid.


Pixiibox, 3.3 kW bidirectional

power conversion module



Power Shaper, the power storage solution from Pixii, is a Pixiibox. Advanced bidirectional power conversion device. Bidirectional means that power can flow in both directions, from the grid to the battery and back to the grid, using the same power electronics. This makes the power electronics compact, reliable and economical.

Pixii Power Shaper

Power Shaper 90kW/195kWh

Energy storage system


Pixiibox is modular and many devices can be connected in parallel. The desired capacity can be achieved by adding the required number of modules to the cabinet.

If more power or energy storage is needed, multiple cabinets can be installed. This allows the system to be scaled to the power and energy required for a specific application.

Pixii Gate


Power Shaper’s brain and communication center is a gateway that communicates with all system elements and the outside world for monitoring and advanced control, enabling local flexibility and coordinated and flexible control.

Based on its internal modules and measurements, set time or external signals, Power Shaper can perform various services to maintain the grid or reduce the electricity bill.

Other (additional) services

In addition, the Pixii Power Shaper can perform many advanced functions that contribute to clean, cost-effective and reliable electricity for everyone.

Pixii energy storage is a safe investment

The various advantages mentioned above generally prove that the Pixii energy storage system is a good investment. Different parameters vary from market to market, but with a product life of more than 10 years, it will pay for itself in less than 3 years!!

Avoiding Demand Charges!

To manage the overall growth in electricity consumption, distribution companies are looking for ways to force consumers to balance their loads throughout the day. One frequently used mechanism is “demand fees”. This is usually a monthly fee based on the average maximum load over a short period (15-30 minutes). This can have a significant impact on your electricity bill. An accumulator/battery is a good way to avoid this.

When the power is at its peak, the energy storage system will supply the energy.

When the power consumption is reduced, the batteries can be recharged.

In this way, the maximum electricity demand from the grid is reduced and demand charges are limited.

Changing the “Terms of Use” (TOU).

In markets where the kWh price changes during the day, for the same reason, an energy storage system can be used in the same way. Batteries are charged when the price of electricity is low, and electricity is supplied from the system when the price of electricity is high.

Make the most of solar energy. Use the power yourself and save money

Often, installations with solar panels on their exterior walls or roofs generate more solar energy during the day than they consume themselves. This energy is usually fed back into the grid at very little or no cost.

By combining solar generation with energy storage, excess solar energy can be stored for later use, maximizing the return on investment in solar power and energy storage.



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